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Appropriate for all skill levels, FINIS's Zoomers Gold Swim Fin is the latest and most advanced version of their popular training fins.

  • Original Zoomers formula modified for improved fit and performance.
  • Softer, natural rubber foot pocket.
  • Short blade encourages smaller, faster kicks while increasing ankle flexibility and endurance.
  • Closed-heel design makes for a more secure fit and prevents hyperflexion.
  • Medium blade stiffness.
  • 100% Natural Rubber.


Size (code) US Male US Female Euro UK
C (12) 3.5-5 4.5-6 35-36 2.5-3.5
D (13) 5.5-7 6.5-8 37-39 4-6
E (14) 7.5-8.5 8.5-9.5 40-42 6.5-7.5
F (15) 9-10 10-11 43-44 8-9.5
G (16) 10.5-11.5 11.5-12.5 44-45 9.5-10.5
H (17) 12-13 13-14 46-47 11-12

Train More Effectively With Finis Zoomers

Your swim team wants to see results, like dropping times and the development of more efficient habits. You can assist them by purchasing Zoomers Fins, which help your swimmers kick faster, with smaller movements.

This focus on the feet will aid them in their next race, as their ankles become more flexible and even stronger than before. Made of natural rubber, these Zoomers fins will become one of the most popular pieces of equipment in your lineup.

Fins can also improve body positioning and technique. When you wear fins, your body is positioned differently on the water — you are higher, making it easier to work on stroke. With a more balanced kick facilitated by the fins, swimmers will find they can slice through the water more quickly.

Your largest muscles are in your legs, and fins work them to your advantage. Buy your swimmers Finis Zoomers today.

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