FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers Fins

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The latest release from the Zoomers line of fins, Z2 fins utilize a patented angle and quick response technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. The higher propulsion generated by the use of Z2 supports a higher body position and better body roll for a greater level of conditioning across freestyle, backstroke, or butterfly.


  • Comfortable full foot pocket.
  • Fin design inhibits hyper flexion.
  • Offers more propulsion than other Finis fin models.
  • Short Blade: Promotes shorter and faster kicks.
  • Smaller blades make legs work harder without overloading the muscles.
  • Fitness Oriented Fin: Increase leg strength and builds cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Fluid Separator: Allows the foot to easily slice through the water.
  • Flex Box: Catches water on the up kick, targeting and strengthening hamstrings and glutes.
  • Closed Heel Design: Creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion.
  • 100% Natural Rubber.
  • Fins do not float.


Size (code) US Male US Female Euro UK
C (12) 3.5-5 4.5-6 35-36 2.5-3.5
D (13) 5.5-7 6.5-8 37-39 4-6
E (14) 7.5-8.5 8.5-9.5 40-42 6.5-7.5
F (15) 9-10 10-11 43-44 8-9.5
G (16) 10.5-11.5 11.5-12.5 44-45 9.5-10.5
H (17) 12-13 13-14 46-47 11-12

Speed and Splash With the Finis Zoomers Z2 Swim Fins

If you’re a professional, competitive or serious athletic swimmer, you know that successful, serious swimming is all about the right form and conditioning in every stroke. Whether you’re hoping to improve your abilities, make your swimming experience more comfortable or train for a higher speed of swimming, you need to hit the water prepared with the right equipment.

When you’re looking for speed, sleeker performance and better body positioning in the pool or the ocean, our Finis Zoomer Z2 gold fins provide the enhanced technology you need to slice through the water and see yourself improve in an incredible way.

Designed with short blades, fluid separators, closed heels and other advanced features, these fins will help you perform faster kicks, cut through water and work your legs more. Slip on these flippers when you practice, take laps or hit the water for a workout. Order your Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers swim fins today.

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