49' Ring Buoy Throw Rope

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Life Ring Throw Rope

Our Buoy Throw Line (50 Ft) includes 50' of marine polypro line and one 3x5 lemon float. Buoy throw line is typically used to attach to a ring buoy for easy extraction during a rescue.

  • 50' marine polypro line with 3x5 lemon float
  • Rope is ¼” wide

Save Lives With the 50' Ring Buoy Throw Rope

In the case of a distressed swimmer, the best thing a lifeguard can do is get them out of the water quickly and properly. If there is no sign of spinal injury or unconsciousness, then the swimmer can assist in the rescue — for instance, a lifeguard can throw something to the swimmer to hold onto. This may be a rope, a ring, a noodle or something similar.

The 50' Ring Buoy Throw Rope helps you swiftly pull a distressed swimmer to the side of the pool or closer to shore. The ring buoy throw rope can be tossed out for the swimmer to hold onto while you pull them in, and its bright color makes it easy to spot in the water. For an even more effective rescue, attach the ring buoy throw line to a larger flotation device to provide something the struggling swimmer can easily grab onto. Order your ring buoy throw line today or shop our large selection of ring buoys here!

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