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Each version of the Deluxe 1-Meter (39.4"/3.28 Tower and Deluxe 3-Meter (118.11"/9.84) Tower is intended for heavy-duty use with either a 14-foot or a 16-foot board on commercial pools.


There are four configurations for each of the Deluxe 1-Meter and 3-Meter Towers: Left-Mount, Right Mount, Heel (Rear)-Mount and the Dual-Mount. These towers feature the highest levels of design and fabrication to meet ANSI/NSPI standards.

FRONT POST ASSEMBLY (10-102 for 1 Meter, 11-101 for 3 Meter)

10" Schedule 20 carbon steel pipe slanted 15 and welded to a 5/8" top plate and a " bottom plate.


The two ladder posts are 1.90" O.D. x .145" wall, 304 stainless steel welded mirror finish. There are nine stainless steel 6" deep non-slip treads for the 3 Meter and two for the 1 Meter. The handrails are 1 5/8" O.D. x .065" wall, 304 stainless steel tube (3 Meter only)


3/16" carbon steel plate formed and reinforced using 3/8" plates. The tray will accept any mounting configuration.


New smaller jigs designed for easier installation except on heel mount units. Six 1" bolts with reinforcing rods hold the " flange plate in the concrete. Jigs are also provided for the ladder assembly and the heel mount post (For side mount towers only).


Heavy duty design with brass gears and tracks. The ratchet gear assembly is machined from high quality stainless steel pipe. Ratchet handle allows for ease in adjusting forward or backward movement of the fulcrum.


Mounted in neoprene blocks that are secured to the tray by 3/16" diameter straps bolted in place. The board is bolted to a 5/16" x 2 " x 2 " steel angle welded to a 1" diameter bar. The Tie-Down Assembly acts as a hinge to tilt the board up on the 1 Meter Tower. The board is held up with a T-bar that is placed in a socket on the tray.


The handrails are 36" above the board and are made of 1.90" O.D. x .065" wall 304 stainless steel tubing with a polished and buffed finish.

NOTE: Diving Boards and Towers are sold separately.

NOTE: All Towers are shipped primed only. We recommend a high quality acrylic urethane enamel for a durable finish.

NOTE: All Deluxe towers come standard with a quick adjustable fulcrum (QAF-100) and stainless steel handrails.

NOTE: Dimensions vary according to the type of pool the tower is to be installed. Please refer to your local codes, rules and regulations.

Shipping Weight:

1 Meter (800 lbs.) and 3 Meter (1200 lbs.)

*Note: Additional Shipping charges may apply

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