Dolfin Poly Guard DBX Back

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A Suit Made for Work

When you hold the lives of others in your hands on a daily basis, you need a suit that is just as strong as you are. The Dolfin Poly Guard DBX Back professional guard suit has been made to stand up against the daily pressures that come along with being a lifeguard. Whether you’re overseeing the local community pool or out on the ocean line keeping a watchful eye on those dipping in and out of the waves, this lifeguard bathing suit is exactly what you need.

The front guard logo makes you an unmistakable official lifeguard, affording you the respect and authority you deserve whether you are at your post or walking the shoreline. For a traditional look, check out this red lifeguard bathing suit. This suit was created to offer quick dry technology to those who need it most, so you can rest assured knowing that no matter how many times you have to jump in those waters, you will always be back in a dry suit soon. Comfortable enough to be worn all day long, this one-piece swimsuit is perfect for the long hours you spend keeping a watchful eye over your swimmers.


These swimsuits are made of 100% Chloroban polyester and fully lined. This specific type of polyester is chlorine-resistant, making it the perfect option for lifeguards who work at a community, hotel or resort pool. If you work on shorelines and beaches, you may not specifically need a chlorine-resistant suit, but you will need a fully lined suit like this one. The lining protects both you and the suit from damages caused by the ocean waves.

Color Options

Whether you want color options to fit your own personal style or the company or business you work for requires you to have a red or a blue lifeguard bathing suit, you’ll find exactly what you need in our inventory. While the red and blue suits are popular, our personal favorite is the navy blue lifeguard bathing suit. Each suit comes with a white guard logo on the front regardless of color. Color options include:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Navy blue

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Do not miss out on this great deal. With prices this low, you might even want to stock up on two or three professional lifeguard swimsuits so you can avoid doing laundry between every shift in the sun. Order today and we’ll ship it out to you within 24 hours, so you can start your shift on time and in style.

• 100% Chloroban polyester
• fully lined
• Guard logo in white

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