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Our Guard Eyewear Croakies are made of soft neoprene.  These lifeguard croakies are a great addition to your lifeguard uniform, adding color and function.

  • Croakies with "Guard and Cross" screened on back
  • Red or Navy

Keep Sunglasses in Place With Lifeguard Croakies

Sunglasses are a necessary part of a lifeguard's toolkit. They protect your employees' eyes from the sun and provide shade when they need to look around the pool to ensure everyone stays safe. Your lifeguards must have easy access to their sunglasses whenever they need them, and lifeguard croakies keep them in place.

Croakies fasten onto the end of the glasses, giving your lifeguard something they can hang around their neck until they need their sunglasses.

Croakies for glasses allow lifeguards flexibility throughout their shift. They can take their sunglasses off when they run to the restroom or grab something from an enclosed pool area. When your lifeguards push their sunglasses up to sit on their heads, their glasses can fall, scratching their lenses or even breaking their frames. Croakies prevent glasses from falling.

Our lifeguard croakies have a "guard" label, so everyone knows to whom they belong. Add lifeguard croakies to your cart today!

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