Weights / Resistance

Weights and Resistance

Training for each meet means you are not only increasing your skill level, but you’re also enhancing each workout with new techniques to make you stronger. Or perhaps you are in a water aerobics class that uses different exercise materials to strengthen your muscles. No matter your circumstances, The Lifeguard Store offers exercise balls, wrist and ankle weights as well as resistance hand bars, gloves and cuffs.

Benefits of the Right Water Exercise Equipment

You can shop by category to help narrow down what you are looking for, along with brands and prices. Our exercise balls range from two pounds to 12 pounds. Additionally, our water aerobics weights are perfect for simple water workouts or intense training sessions that can help you enhance your skills.

Wrist and ankle weights help your body output more energy, so by the time the weights come off, you explode with more power and precision. Again, different weights can support different activities. Resistance hand bars, gloves and cuffs maintain similar features but for different areas of your body.

When you submerge fitness barbells into the water, they resist against each arm movement. As a substitution for real weights in the water, resistance hand bars won’t hurt you if you must let go during an exercise. Resistance gloves from The Lifeguard Store act like barbells but are on your hands while you swim and perform other movements.

Water aerobics resistance cuffs are for your ankles. They are ideal for strength-training exercises, providing force against your leg muscles, making them work extra hard. Instead of swimming 50 laps each day or performing exercises without training materials, weights and resistance equipment strengthen your body by helping you use a wider range of muscles.