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Water Aerobics Equipment and Swimwear

Water aerobics is a terrific way to get fit — and The Lifeguard Store is a terrific place to get all the swimwear and equipment for water aerobics you need! Our inventory includes absolutely everything you need for water aerobics, including bathing suits, weights, clothing and accessories. Browse our inventory and make your next water aerobics workout the best you’ve ever had.

Brands, Styles and Accessories at The Lifeguard Store

Buy resistance equipment and swimwear to use at home, or stock up on everything you need for your facility at The Lifeguard Store. We carry:

  • Fitness swimwear. The Lifeguard Store carries a wide variety of swimwear for water aerobics. We carry scoop-back and racer-back swimsuits, aquatards and lap suits in several colors and sizes from the best names in swimwear. Don’t forget to check out our swim towels, warm-ups and apparel too!
  • Floatation devices and swim aids. Floats and swim aids take your swim skills to the next level! Gain strength and confidence in the water with an aerobic wet vest or jog belt, or include a noodle, pull buoy or swim bar float in your routine. Floats and swim aids make meeting goals easier!
  • Water aerobics weights and resistance training equipment. Put the power of resistance to work for you and add weighted exercise balls, resistance cuffs, gloves, hand bars, or wrist or ankle wraps to your workout. Make gains in strength and endurance with every workout — you’ll be amazed at how much easier swimming is without them!
  • Gym equipment that complements your water aerobics workout. Want to perform better in the pool? Then spend time training outside of it. The Lifeguard Store carries exercise machines such as underwater treadmills and bikes, in addition to storage. Make the most of every pool session with gym equipment from The Lifeguard Store!
  • Everything your pool or facility needs to maintain a safe and clean pool, deck and locker room. When it comes to keeping your pool or facility clean and well run, The Lifeguard Store has everything you need. We have a huge inventory of pool equipment, recreational equipment, competition equipment and first aid supplies, plus swimwear and apparel for everyone in your family.

Your Destination for Water Aerobics Gear and Apparel

The Lifeguard Store is the leading online resource for clubs and organizations around the country because we have a huge inventory of the best brands, products and styles. You’ll also get:

  • Free shipping on orders over $75, plus a low $7.50 flat-rate shipping fee on smaller orders.
  • A 10-day price match guarantee if you find the same product someplace else for less.
  • A generous 60-day return policy. We’ll refund your money or exchange your purchase with free shipping when you return unused, new merchandise to us.
  • Friendly and helpful customer service. Call, chat or email us — we love our customers!

Get Your Water Aerobics Gear Today

It’s no wonder The Lifeguard Store is the leading resource for water aerobics accessories and gear online!

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  1. RISE Water Fitness Gloves
    RISE Water Fitness Gloves
    SKU: 83400
    Sale Price $7.65 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $0.00
  2. RISE Fitness Gloves
    RISE Fitness Gloves
    SKU: 83700
    Sale Price $6.75 Regular Price $7.50 As low as $0.00
  3. Aerobic Wet Vest
    Aerobic Wet Vest
    SKU: HF-175
  4. Hydro-Fit Storage Rack Cover
    Hydro-Fit Storage Rack Cover
    SKU: HF-111
  5. AquaJogger Fit Belt-Women
    AquaJogger Fit Belt-Women
    SKU: AP77
  6. AquaJogger Active Pack
    AquaJogger Active Pack
    SKU: AP480
  7. AquaJogger AquaRunners RX
    AquaJogger AquaRunners RX
    SKU: AP432
  8. AquaJogger Active Belt
    AquaJogger Active Belt
    SKU: AP403
  9. AquaJogger Jr. Belt for Kids
    AquaJogger Jr. Belt for Kids
    SKU: AP40
  10. AquaJogger DeltaBells-Medium
    AquaJogger DeltaBells-Medium
    SKU: AP19
  11. AquaJogger Classic  Belt
    AquaJogger Classic Belt
    SKU: AP1
  12. 10lb Water Ankle Weights
    10lb Water Ankle Weights
    SKU: 85210
    Sale Price $13.05 Regular Price $14.50
  13. 5lb Water Ankle Weights
    5lb Water Ankle Weights
    SKU: 85205
    Sale Price $12.38 Regular Price $13.75
  14. 3lb Water Ankle Weights
    3lb Water Ankle Weights
    SKU: 85203
    Sale Price $10.80 Regular Price $12.00
  15. 3lb Water Wrist Weights
    3lb Water Wrist Weights
    SKU: 85103
    Sale Price $13.50 Regular Price $15.00
  16. 2lb Water Wrist Weights
    2lb Water Wrist Weights
    SKU: 85102
    Sale Price $12.60 Regular Price $14.00
  17. 1lb Water Wrist Weights
    1lb Water Wrist Weights
    SKU: 85101
    Sale Price $9.90 Regular Price $11.00
  18. Fun Noodle Storage Bin
    Fun Noodle Storage Bin
    SKU: 83-72
  19. Aerobic Blue Bar Float
    Aerobic Blue Bar Float
    SKU: 82700
  20. RISE Fitness Float Belt
    RISE Fitness Float Belt
    SKU: 81600
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Items 49-72 of 79

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