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Underwater Combo Dive Set

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RISE Aquatics

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Turn Up the Fun With Pool Dive Sticks and More!

Kids underwater game set with dive sticks and diving rings

Grab an Underwater Combo Dive Set for General Play and Swimming Practice

Most kids are pretty excited when they have the chance to play with pool dive sticks and rings. What they might not realize is that they're getting some added benefits from using this underwater combo set.

Diving for brightly colored objects in a pool helps young swimmers increase their skill sets. They learn to properly hold their breath, successfully reach the shallow or deep end, and come back up in one streamlined motion. Of course, they won't realize they're getting real-world swimming practice. They'll just know they're having a blast!

Buy one or more RISE Aquatics underwater combo dive sets for your personal use or public pool facility. Priced competitively, they're an excellent investment and built to last season after season. Place your order today for all your underwater gear from The Lifeguard Store.

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