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Get more out of every drill or practice session when you use a TYR pull float. Sometimes called pull buoys, pull floats streamline your swimming skills by increasing your body's buoyancy.

This go-to piece of pool equipment has several outstanding features that swimming enthusiasts love.

  • One-size-fits-all design: The TYR classic pull float is appropriate for recreational and elite swimmers. Get stronger, healthier and more confident in the water.
  • Superior materials: Thanks to its 6-inch ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam construction, this pull float holds its shape. That rigidity means you can use this pull float over and over.
  • Performance-boosting shape: The TYR classic pull float's shape helps you isolate your legs comfortably and securely. By reducing your kicks' power, you'll put more emphasis on arm stroke, upper body technique and upper torso strength.

Are you ready to elevate your aquatic skills? Order one or more low-priced, boldly printed TYR pull floats today from us.