Paragon Ladder at Sides Guard Chair 6'

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Get Fast Access to the Ground With a Dependable Lifeguard Ladder

When seconds count, you can count on a Paragon ladder to perform.

Two access ladders, one at each side, allow the lifeguard to dismount quickly and safely from either side. Provides additional security of unbroken surveillance during guard changes. Fiberglass swivel guard seat. Includes rescue tube and umbrella holder. Complete with pedestal anchor, ladder anchors and escutcheons. Ladder at Sides Guard Chair 6'.

Make Getting on and off the Lifeguard Chair Effortless

Does the type of guard chair you choose matter? In the event that your lifeguard has to rush into action, it does. That's what makes the Paragon ladder a smart choice.

Featuring ladders on both sides of the chair, this lifeguard ladder offers unparalleled access. Whether your guard needs to climb up or down, a ladder is always available. Plus, with its generous six-foot height, the Paragon ladder promises exceptional views of the pool, open water, pool deck or beach. Ensure your lifeguards have the equipment they need to perform their jobs at the highest possible levels. With the lifeguard ladder chair from Paragon, you can be confident that you've left nothing to chance.

Buy one or more Paragon ladder guard chairs from The Lifeguard Store today. We'll ship your order within a few days so you can get your chairs up and running quickly.

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