Adidas Guard


Adidas Guard

When it comes to getting — and keeping — your lifeguards covered and ready for duty whether they are stationed at a beach, a water park or a pool, The Lifeguard Store has all the Adidas lifeguard swim suits you need. These suits each feature the guard logo so guests can tell the person wearing them is an employee and certified lifeguard simply by looking at them.

Adidas Lifeguard Swimming Trunks

The Adidas Men’s guard icon volley shorts are among the most popular options when it comes to Adidas lifeguard swimming trunks, which is why they are the primary choice of The Lifeguard Store. These trunks are made of 100% polyester material and should be washed by hand to maintain the integrity of the suit. This suit offers quick-dry materials and a drawstring waistband for the tightest and most secure fit. They are bright red and feature the guard logo in a contrasting white, which makes each lifeguard easily identifiable while on duty. The three iconic Adidas stripes can also be found on each side of these lifeguarding trunks.

Adidas Lifeguard Bathing Suits for Women

The Lifeguard Store offers two different Adidas lifeguard bathing suits for women to choose from: the Adidas women’s guard scoop two-piece or the Adidas guard vortex back Infinitex one-piece.

The two-piece suit provides a sleek design that is both supportive and comfortable. This suit has been designed with training purposes in mind, rather than full-time guard duty. It has thin straps that cross in the back to provide optimal comfort as well as enhanced support. There are no back buckles or hooks to clasp on this suit, which actually provides a more secure fit. The suit is made of 100% polyester, providing quick-dry technology to the wearer. This suit is red and the top features the guard logo in a contrasting white, while the bottoms feature the Adidas logo for easy lifeguard identification.

The Adidas guard vortex back Infinitex one-piece bathing suit provides a comfortable and secure feel. The thin, comfortable straps that meet in the center of your back — the vortex style — make this one of the most supportive lifeguard suits on the market, while the cutout back offers a popular sleek design. This suit comes in your choice of red or blue with a white guard logo printed on the chest to ensure easy identification of your lifeguards while on duty.

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It doesn’t matter if your lifeguards are in charge of overseeing a resort, hotel or community pool, a shoreline beach or even a water park. It is your responsibility to equip them with the best of the best so they can perform their job duties to the best of their abilities. When it comes to bathing suits, that means providing them with one of Adidas’s most popular lifeguard bathing suits. Whether they are on the clock or in training, these suits provide exactly what they need to get the job done correctly and effectively. Order your Adidas lifeguard swim suits today so your lifeguards can start enjoying all the comfort, style, support and security they have to offer immediately. 

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