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  1. Shield Trumpeter Whistles - Color - Orange
    Pro Elite Whistles
    SKU: 189
  2. 517 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    517 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: LG517
  3. Tailwind Arm Chair - Color - Forest
    Tailwind Arm Chair
    SKU: DC375
  4. Rise 16" Spineboard - Color - Orange
    Rise 16" Spineboard
    SKU: 860N-1
  5. Lifeguard Chair-With Arms - Color - Forest
    Lifeguard Chair-With Arms
    SKU: 301XAR
  6. Lifeguard Chair-No Arms - Color - Forest
    Lifeguard Chair-No Arms
    SKU: 301X
  7. Lifeguard Chair Stool - Color - Forest
    Lifeguard Chair Stool
    SKU: 302X
  8. 515 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    515 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: LG515
  9. Solid Vinyl Flags - Color - Orange
    Solid Vinyl Flags
  10. 500 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    500 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: 2010
  11. 535 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    535 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: TLG535
  12. 530 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    530 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: TLG530
  13. 525 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    525 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: MLG525
  14. 520 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Forest
    520 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: MLG520
  15. 510 Lifeguard Chair - Color - Green
    510 Lifeguard Chair
    SKU: LG510
  16. 24" USCG Ring Buoy - Color - Orange
    24" USCG Ring Buoy
    SKU: 906
  17. 20" USCG Ring Buoy - Color - Orange
    20" USCG Ring Buoy
    SKU: 905
  18. 30" USCG Ring Buoy - Color - Orange
    30" USCG Ring Buoy
    SKU: 904
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Items 25-48 of 53

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Swimwear, Training Equipment and More

Our lifeguard apparel store provides you sunglasses, hip packs, mesh bags and lifeguard kits. If you are searching for apparel, backpacks or outerwear, we have you covered there, too. You will find yourself prepared above and beyond expectations. Our training equipment can help you develop the skills you need and keep you up-to-date and confident in them. We also have items such as life vests, emergency phones and umbrellas. No matter the equipment you need for daily use or specific circumstances, The Lifeguard Store is here.

Are you looking for appropriate swimwear? Our lifeguard swimwear store offers men, women and unisex swimwear, including shorts, one-piece and two-piece suits. Our available swimwear allows for full range of motion and are durable enough to withstand daily use. You’ll be able to perform your job with ease and stay comfortable doing it.

At The Lifeguard Store, we also cover other categories such as personal and rescue gear. In our personal gear selection, you can find anything from whistles and water bottles to swim towels and insect repellent for those nasty days swarmed with bugs. We even offer lifeguard textbooks and videos for training. Our job isn’t to only offer you equipment and apparel. It’s also to keep you educated and safe.

Products within our rescue gear range from rescue tubes and ring buoys to AED units and V-vac kits. Rescuing people and maintaining a safe environment is your primary duty, so rely on us for the proper gear.

View our lifeguard products by clicking on the specific tabs. With each click, more information will appear regarding the items we have for sale. Purchase any of our lifeguard apparel, equipment, gear or swimwear today!