Lifeguard Visor Kit

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The Lifeguard Basics Kit groups all your guard essentials into one easy cost-effective package.

This package contains a Red Lifeguard Hip Pack, Red Whistle, Red Lanyard, Red Visor, Red Rescue Tube Keychain and a free CPR keychain! Everything you need at a great discounted price.


  • Nylon Pouch with Key Ring, 1 CPR Shield - Breathing Barrier with one-way valve
  • Red Guard Hip Pack, Red Floating Guard Keychain, Red Visor, Red Whistle and Red Lanyard

Get All the Essentials With the Lifeguard Visor Kit

Lifeguards require a variety of tools and items to effectively do their jobs, and purchasing each one individually can add up in costs. The convenient lifeguard visor kit provides the key items you need, all in one place and for a great price. From the red visor you can wear to shield your eyes from the sun to a whistle for communicating with pool-goers and the CPR shield that will help you save lives, the lifeguard visor kit has it all.

Safety is crucial for pool-goers, beach-goers and more, and as a lifeguard, you need to be prepared for anything. The red hip pack, floating keychain, whistle and lanyard are bright so you can find what you need quickly. Whether you're a seasoned lifeguard or just starting out, this lifeguard visor kit provides the tools to help you be the best lifeguard you can be.

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