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  1. RISE Guard H-Back Poly Splice

    SKU: LGS16GU
  2. RISE Guard Splice Flex Board Short

  3. RISE Solid H-Back Poly Splice

    SKU: LGS16
  4. RISE Solid Splice Board Short

    SKU: LGS45S
  5. YMCA Instructor Splice Board Short

    SKU: YMCALGS45-2
  6. YMCA Guard Splice Board Short

    SKU: YMCALGS45-1
  7. YMCA Splice Board Short

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Swimwear for Lifeguards

Trained lifeguards require elite swimsuits whether they are watching over a community pool during the summer, advising swim meets or guarding the rough ocean waves. Compared to generic swimsuits, lifeguard bathing suits are for professional rescuers who require comfort and quality to endure excessive wear and tear.

The suits we provide at The Lifeguard Store include two-piece, shorts or one-piece apparel to help you remain focused on swimmer safety and to help you perform well. As active lifeguards dive into the water, it’s important for them to swim with ease while feeling secure.

You’ve come to expect gear to last you through hours of training and rigorous workouts, not to mention multiple rescues each week. Your ability to perform with efficiency and precision depends on durable and proper apparel to help you cut through the water and support people in emergencies.

The Appropriate Lifeguard Bathing Suit for You

The Lifeguard Store stocks various categories, colors, materials, styles and brand names of lifeguard swimsuits. With almost 200 items for sale, we provide a range of suits such as short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, women’s one-piece suits with different straps, bras and men’s shorts.

Depending on your duties and where you lifeguard, one suit may be more appropriate over another. We make it easy to browse all the options, especially since you can select brands such as  Nike, Speedo and TYR Sport. While your primary duty as a lifeguard is to focus on the safety of swimmers, it’s also ideal for you to prepare with appropriate and comfortable gear.