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Rescue Equipment

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  1. 13" Plastic Megaphone
    13" Plastic Megaphone
    SKU: 840-1
  2. Laerdal V-Vac Training Kit
    Laerdal V-Vac Training Kit
    SKU: 985100
  3. Child Water Rescue Manikin
    Child Water Rescue Manikin
    SKU: 1327-1
  4. Adult Water Rescue Manikin
    Adult Water Rescue Manikin
    SKU: 1326-1
  5. Guard First Response Bag
    Guard First Response Bag
    SKU: 486T-1
  6. 50" Rescue Tube Jacket
    50" Rescue Tube Jacket
    SKU: 702-50
  7. Nitrile Gloves
    Nitrile Gloves
  8. Ultimate VAT Girl
    Ultimate VAT Girl
    SKU: 1330
  9. Silhouette Dolls
    Silhouette Dolls
    SKU: 900
  10. Plastic Hose Hanger Set
    Plastic Hose Hanger Set
    SKU: 14050
    $6.75 $11.25
  11. Plastic Pole Hanger Set
    Plastic Pole Hanger Set
    SKU: 14040
    $5.95 $11.25
  12. Fast Response Kit
    Fast Response Kit
    SKU: FFK-1
    $15.25 $21.50
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Items 1-24 of 274

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Set Descending Direction

Rescue Equipment

Pool rescue equipment is vital whether you run a competitive facility or recreational one. At The Lifeguard Store, we understand the importance of being prepared with proper gear as life-threatening situations can present themselves at any moment — even for the most elite swimmers.

The best way to handle emergencies at the pool, or at least prevent more serious tragedies, is to assure lifeguard supervision and to make sure rescue equipment is accessible. Our inventory consists of rescue tools and safety accessories at affordable prices so you can ensure the well-being of all swimmers.

Various Pieces of Rescue Equipment for Pools

The Lifeguard Store has an inventory covering categories such as training manikins, spinal equipment and throw bags. Depending on the situation and location of a serious matter, lifeguards may require rescue tubes and oxygen equipment or AED units and a first aid kit.

You should never overlook safety equipment for pools. A lifeguard on duty will require access to ring buoys, V-Vac equipment or rescue boards to save a child or athlete. One can never be too prepared when a life is on the line. Other rescue equipment items include the following:

  • AED cabinets
  • Bag valve masks
  • Emergency phone
  • Gloves
  • Megaphones
  • Microshields
  • Pocket masks
  • Poles and accessories
  • Rescue boards
  • Waterproof bags

To learn more details about each product, click on the tabs and find out which items best suit your facility. For example, microshields are breathing barriers used during CPR, and some AED units require minimal training to make saving a life more accessible. Shop by category, color, material, brand or price range to narrow down your options.