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Looking for swimming pool equipment and supplies? We can help! At The Lifeguard Store, we’re about so much more than swimwear, apparel and personal gear. We’re also the web’s favorite resource for swimming pool deck equipment, cleaning equipment, pool covers and test kits and more. Browse our huge selection and buy with us to keep your swimming pool safe and in perfect working order all season long.

Pool Deck Equipment at The Lifeguard Store

When it comes to selection, The Lifeguard Store is unbeatable. We carry:

  • Diving boards, stands, starting blocks, slides and recreation equipment. Jumping, diving and sliding is all possible when you shop for swimming pool deck equipment at The Lifeguard Store. We have a wide range of boards, stands and slides of all sizes and for every purpose, from recreation to competition.
  • Cleaners, brushes, skimmers and covers. The Lifeguard Store is your leading source for swimming pool cleaning equipment and supplies! We have everything you need to keep your pool water safe for swimming and clear of debris. It’s easy to keep your patrons satisfied when you use cleaning products and supplies from The Lifeguard Store.
  • Rails, stanchions, ladders and assisted access devices. All your patrons can get in and out of the pool with ease when you shop at The Lifeguard Store. Explore our selection of access equipment for people of all ages and abilities and pools of all depths and sizes.
  • Bleachers, benches and lifeguard chairs. Stay comfortable and get a great view during meets and at work with seating from The Lifeguard Store! Our seating options keep patrons and team members comfortable, while our lifeguard chairs give you the sturdy access you need to keep swimmers and patrons safe.
  • Pool test kits, reagents, covers and vacuums. Water quality means the difference between a pool that’s open for business and an empty pool deck. Order your essentials from The Lifeguard Store, including supplies made for commercial pools.
  • Ropes, floats and life vests. The Lifeguard Store is your complete source for in-water equipment. Whether you need pool equipment for lanes or lessons, you’ll love our selection.
  • Clocks, thermometers, two-way radios and equipment for competition and training. Keep your swimmers working hard and your pool perfect for practice with equipment for swimming pool competition and training.
  • Absolutely everything you need for the pool, period. From signs to storage to height measurement sticks, there isn’t anything you can’t find at The Lifeguard Store.

Customer Service

Shop with us and you’ll get:

  • Free shipping with orders over $75, or low $7.50 flat-rate shipping for less.  
  • Guaranteed low prices. Find it cheaper within 10 days and we’ll refund the difference!
  • Hassle-free shopping. Exchange or return your unused purchase within 60 days and get free replacement shipping or a full refund.
  • Personalized service. We love our customers! Call, chat or email us for a speedy response.

Lifeguards Love The Lifeguard Store

The Lifeguard Store carries all the apparel, equipment and supplies every lifeguard needs at the pool and the beach.

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  1. Height Measurement Stick 50"
    Height Measurement Stick 50"
    SKU: HS50
  2. Height Sticks Base
    Height Sticks Base
    SKU: HSB02
  3. Kiefer Starting Block Safety Cover
    Kiefer Starting Block Safety Cover
    SKU: 500610
  4. Evolution Shift Starting Block
    Evolution Shift Starting Block
    SKU: 502368HT
  5. Kiefer Riptide Starting Block
    Kiefer Riptide Starting Block
    SKU: 500365HT
  6. Kiefer Evolution Starting Block
    Kiefer Evolution Starting Block
    SKU: 502360HT
  7. Kiefer Wave Eater II Racing Lane 50M
    Kiefer Wave Eater II Racing Lane 50M
    SKU: 210150
  8. Kiefer Advantage II Racing Lane 50M
    Kiefer Advantage II Racing Lane 50M
    SKU: 210550
  9. Kiefer Advantage II Racing Lane 25M
    Kiefer Advantage II Racing Lane 25M
    SKU: 210525
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Items 1-24 of 868

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