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Competition & Recreation

Swimming Pool Competition Equipment

The Lifeguard Store is the web’s leading source for competition swimming pool equipment for teams and clubs throughout the country. As the preferred apparel and swim training equipment supplier of organizations such as the Y, The Lifeguard Store carries absolutely everything you need to run a safe and efficient meet. Browse our huge inventory of competitive swim equipment and place an online order today.

Swimming Meet Equipment at The Lifeguard Store

When you need swim meet equipment, make The Lifeguard Store your source. Our huge inventory of swim competition equipment includes:

  • Backstroke flags and start devices. The Lifeguard Store carries absolutely everything you need to include backstroke events at your meet. From flags to start devices, your swimmers will appreciate your equipment with every stroke.
  • Deck-mounted slides, climbing walls, diving boards and stands and starting blocks. Whether your guests want fun or friendly competition, you’ll find the deck equipment you need. We have competitive and recreational diving boards and stands, climbing walls and starting blocks of all sizes and for every pool.
  • Timing equipment, racing lane lines and stanchions. The Lifeguard Store is your resource for all the basics. With our accurate and reliable timing equipment, and durable lane lines and stanchions, you can run meet after meet — professionally and expertly.
  • Training equipment. Make your swimmers even stronger with training equipment from The Lifeguard Store. You’ll find everything from jog belts and bar floats to underwater treadmills and bikes. We even have an underwater trampoline!
  • Water games, toys, tubes and rafts. Everybody wants to have fun in the pool! Check out our selection of water-safe balls, hoops, discs, rings, tubes, floats and rafts. Perfect for home or commercial use.
  • Deck furniture. Keep patrons comfortable with our selection of deck furnishings. You’ll find chairs for guests and lifeguards, plus benches and bleachers for team members and fans.
  • All the supplies you and your swimmers need, meet after meet. The Lifeguard Store carries swimsuits and apparel for competitive swimmers and lifeguards of all ages. You’ll also find lifeguard packs, first aid and medical equipment, cleaning supplies and equipment and so much more.
  • The option to customize a website for your team. Interested in custom swim gear or spirit wear? Make The Lifeguard Store your go-to resource. Ask us about creating a website just for your teammates!

Doing Business With The Lifeguard Store Is Easy

We’re known throughout the industry for our exceptional customer service! Shop with us and you’ll get:

  • Free shipping on orders over $75, plus $7.50 flat-rate shipping on everything else.
  • A low-price guarantee if you find your purchase somewhere else for less within 10 days.
  • Hassle-free exchanges and returns — just send us back your unused, new purchase within 60 days and you’ll get free replacement shipping or a full refund.
  • Friendly customer service. Call, chat or email us for a prompt reply!

Shop for Competitive Swim Equipment at The Lifeguard Store

Keep your meets running smoothly and get everything you need from The Lifeguard Store!

Order today!


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  1. Resin Coated Concrete Base
    Resin Coated Concrete Base
    SKU: 23-BASE
  2. 20" Round Steel Base
    20" Round Steel Base
    SKU: 50S-BASE
  3. 12" Diameter Galvanized Steel Deck Plate
    12" Diameter Galvanized Steel Deck Plate
  4. 44" Square Galvanized Steel Base
    44" Square Galvanized Steel Base
    SKU: 550NGU-BASE
  5. Lifeguard Umbrella
    Lifeguard Umbrella
    SKU: 1100
  6. Antiwave 20 Yard Mini Lanes
    Antiwave 20 Yard Mini Lanes
    SKU: AW0073C
  7. Bahia Chaise Lounge
    Bahia Chaise Lounge
    SKU: 4017L
  8. Daktronics Mounting Bracket
    Daktronics Mounting Bracket
    SKU: 10560129
  9. Large Oars
    Large Oars
    SKU: U132
  10. 50 ft. Polyethylene Flags
    50 ft. Polyethylene Flags
    SKU: 65250
  11. TSP Quik Tensioner
    TSP Quik Tensioner
    SKU: 10400
  12. TSP Lane Line Storage Reel
    TSP Lane Line Storage Reel
    SKU: 10200350
  13. TurboTwister
    SKU: 688-209-58123-1
  14. Solartek Umbrella
    Solartek Umbrella
    SKU: 1150
  15. Antiwave 25 Yard Mini Lanes
    Antiwave 25 Yard Mini Lanes
    SKU: AW0077C
  16. 100 ft. Polyethylene Flags
    100 ft. Polyethylene Flags
    SKU: 65200
  17. Antiwave Supertensioner
    Antiwave Supertensioner
    SKU: AW0055
  18. Stand Up XT Paddle
    Stand Up XT Paddle
    SKU: RB-6
  19. Fanback Chair
    Fanback Chair
    SKU: 4002C
  20. Fillable Umbrella Base
    Fillable Umbrella Base
    SKU: PB14B
  21. 8ft Stanchion 1.9x.065
    8ft Stanchion 1.9x.065
    SKU: 10166
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Items 1-48 of 340

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