Water Exercise

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Water exercise is excellent for physical therapy and fitness because it enhances range of motion and eases pain of movement. Now a single book makes it easy for you to design your own water exercise program, whether for injury rehabilitation, special conditions, cross-training, or just shaping up.

Water Exercise features 78 clearly described and illustrated exercises that range from beginning to advanced levels of difficulty. The book also features complete exercise programs for specific injuries and conditions and for improved fitness. You can tailor each program to suit your needs, so no matter which exercise program you choose, youll start at the appropriate level and progress safely into more challenging movements.

Water Exerciseis especially suited to:

  • people attempting to regain strength and flexibility after an injury or surgery,
  • sedentary people just starting an exercise program,
  • individuals wanting to lose weight and gain muscle tone,
  • fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking to maintain or increase their fitness level, and
  • aquatic therapists and exercise instructors looking to expand their knowledge of water exercise.

    Water Exercise
    Martha White Foreword by Leland Winston, MD 1995 Paperback 192 pp 6 x 9 94 illus
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