Fitness Swimming

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Many swimmers think that to improve, all they need to do is get in the pool and swim an ever increasing number of laps. What they fail to understand is that swimming is a technique sport. Unless they incorporate skill development, refinement, and maintenance into their workouts they wont become better swimmers, just better conditioned thrashers.

The book not only explains how to set up an effective training regimen using the color-coded workouts, it also provides 16 sample training progams. Swimmers can follow these sample programs as they appear, or they can be used as a starting point for designing individually tailored programs.

Fitness Swimming also offers advice on stretching, warming up and cooling down effectively, and choosing the best equipment.

Fitness Swimming
Emmett Hines 1999 Paperback 192 pp 6 x 9 16 Color Photos 32 illus
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