Product Spotlight Water Aerobic Equipment

Are you looking to tone up without the havoc on your joints? If so, water aerobics is a great way to get a full body workout! Resembling traditional barbells, these weights can give you quite the workout!


One of the major benefits of water aerobics is that there are fewer burdens on your joints and muscles. Because of this, there is less of a chance you will get injured or have muscle soreness. Typical exercises like running and lifting weights are known to be hard on your joints. If you are having trouble with regular exercises, you will find relief with water aerobics. Another great benefit of water aerobics is that your heart rate is roughly 17 beats per minute less than regular exercising. While this means good things for you heart, you will also increase your lung capacity and increase your flexibility!

Water Aerobics Equipment

• Jog Belts – Helps with balance and buoyancy in water
• Resistance Gloves – Used to enhance the natural resistance of water
• Resistance Hand Bars – Used above water for support and stabilization. Used underwater for resistance.
• Swim Bar Floats – Used for balance and stabilization.
• Wrist/Ankle Weights – Adds resistance for aqua aerobics or therapy.

Common Water Aerobic Exercises

• Water Walking – Use the resistance gloves and walk across the pool in waist-height water, swinging your arms while you walk.
• Pool Plank – While standing on the pool floor, hold a noodle or a swim bar float with both hands. Press it into the water and lean forward until your body is at an incline. This is a great ab exercise!
• Bicep Curls – Hold hand bars in each hand at your hips with palms facing up. While keeping your elbow near your body, bend your arm until your arm reaches shoulder height.
Other Items

If you are a pool owner, you may need some other items such as a storage system or other H20 Equipment such as a treadmill or stepper.


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