Product Spotlight Competitor Lane Lines

Imagine that you show up to a swim meet and there isn’t swim lanes – that’s a crazy thought isn’t it? When swimming competitively, these lanes are not only used to help you stay away from others swimmers but also to help with draft and dead spots. Our top-of-the-line Competitor Lanes give you calm water for you to trudge through in order to beat your competition!

The Lifeguard Store has many options when purchasing your custom swim lanes that are perfect for your pool. As you know, pools come in many different sizes. For competitive swimming, the two common sizes are a Short Course and a Long Course. The Short Course is 25 meters long and is the common size of public swimming pools while the Long Course is 50 meters long, also known as Olympic sized. If you are looking for different lengths, we offer more sizes such as our 60′ lane, 75′ lane, or we even offer our 60′ 6″ Gold Medal Lane.

Want your swim lanes customized? We take it a step further! That’s right. Here at The Lifeguard Store we allow you to have full control of the look of your lanes. Do you want your lanes to have just two colors? What about having two different colors for your middle segments and a distinctive 15 meter marker? The options are endless! Be sure to check out our Competitor Lane Viewer to see what colors look the best for your pool. Unlike our competition, we have 12 colors to choose from!

From cables to floats, we sell a wide variety of replacement parts to keep you in the water!


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