AquaJogger Jr. Belt for Kids

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Help Youngsters Safely Learn the Joy of Swimming

AquaJogger Jr.'s learn to swim floatation belt does not inhibit arm strokes. It's designed to provide total freedom of movement so children can focus on the many skills involved in swimming.

• Does not inhibit arm strokes
• Promotes correct swim position, contoured to a child's body
• Secure, adjustable fit, no risk of puncture
• Designed for children ages 3-12 years
• Soft, comfortable, and flexible foam
• Nylon belt adjusts to 32"
• Supports up to 95 lbs

Build Swimming Confidence With a Dependable, Comfortable Kids Swim Belt

Some children show hesitation to learn to swim without any kind of flotation device. However, you don't want them to become too dependent on an ordinary "floatie." That's why you'll appreciate the AquaJogger Jr. belt for kids.

This premium children's swimming float belt fits snugly and offers buoyancy without getting in the way of practice. Wearers can safely and securely move around in the water, mastering all the skills they need to become independent swimmers. Made of durable, high-quality material, the AquaJogger Jr. belt adjusts quickly to any child's body. Your facility's swimming instructors can use the same kids swim belt lesson after lesson without wasting precious lesson time.

Buy one or several children's swimming float belts online today. When you shop at The Lifeguard Store, you know you're getting the best equipment at terrific prices.

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