Distance Swimmer's Struggles

Posted On: Feb 22, 2016

Whether you enjoy being a distance swimmer (I’m not sure many do) or not, we’ve ALL been there. It feels like it takes a long time, but it also seems like it went by so quick. It’s hard, but reaching your goal is addicting. Nothing beats the adrenaline after a race.

  1. Losing Count. No matter how long you’ve been doing this, you ALWAYS seem to lose count. You think about everything and anything possible. "What did I eat for lunch?" "That person in front of me at the store was pretty rude." "Crap! I put the wrong answer for that math problem."
  2. Break time. Once your meet is up, no one is watching. It’s taking a long time and you know it doesn’t get exciting until the end. This seems to be the prime opportunity for people to check their phone, go get some food, go check out the new suits, etc.
  3. Dreaded outside lane. Not only is it bad enough having everyone watch you, but having your coach watch your EVERY stroke. "Yes, I know I’m off pace. Yes, I can hear you."
  4. Finding a counter. Your typical counter is nowhere to be found! I’ve been there, it’s happened! They’re reliable, they know you, and they know when you need a little motivation. Luckily, your teammates all have your back.
  5. The “slip”. Ughhh! If it’s not your goggles, it’s most definitely your cap. Worst. Feeling. Ever. 

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