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The Motion Trek 350 is an ADA compliant battery powered lift that is self-operable from the deck and water with a robust operating system. The Motion Trek 350 offers a slightly slower rotation, to provide a more controlled, and comfortable movement from the deck to water. The housing over the rotation components near the base of the lift has been designed to shield the internal components from corrosion. A new armrest system on the Motion Trek 350 stays attached to the lift and swings (pivots) out of the way below the seat to allow the user to transfer to the lift unimpeded and comfortably. Anchor, seatbelt and armrests are included.

  • Improved rotation system for a smooth ride
  • New Armrest system for improved transfer ease and safety
  • Fully ADA Compliant
  • 350 pound operating load capacity
  • Self-operable from the deck and water
  • 90 lifts per battery charge
  • All stainless steel construction (electropolished 304L grade)
  • Coated with Spectra Shield® for maximum corrosion protection
  • Stabilizer bar significantly improves lift stability during transfer
  • Spacious seat with excellent lumbar support designed for ease of transfer
  • Rotationally and vertically powered with 360 degree continuous powered rotation
  • Proprietary Robust Operating System and Actuator outperforms the competition
  • Accommodates pool wall setback of 6” to 22” and water draft up to 12”
  • Easy to install, even into existing concrete decks
  • Low Profile Design 

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