Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex Open Back

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Featuring the world's most advanced technical racing suits, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex Open Back is the pinnacle of technology and innovation in competitive swimming. Part of the Carbon Series, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex Open Back has a patented V-Flex System to provide maximum range of motion in the water...because every swimmer is different.

FINA approved

V-Flex System

  • Eliminates side seams and provides swimmers with maximum range of motion.
  • Freedom of movement around the hips and glutes.
  • Revolutionary construction.
  • Features taped and bonded external rear (vs. side) seams.
  • Allows for unrestricted flexion and extension in all directions.

Intelligent Muscle Compression

  • Proper compression in a racing suit is the key for drag reduction, efficiency and power.
  • Carbon Cage technology locks down when and where a critical stress level is reaching, maximizing compression on over-extended zones when and where needed.
  • Retains elasticity and freedom of movement.

Carbon Cage Technology

  • Features the world's first technical suits with high-strength carbon fiber woven into a lightweight high-stretch nylon fabric.

Power Return System

  • Strategic placement of bonded seams.
  • Internal elastic taping stores potential energy.
  • Releases this energy in dives, kicks and turns to maximize efficiency, power and speed.


  • Multi-panel construction uses anatomically placed anchor points and high-strength elastic tapes to create Tension Lines along the back of upper legs.
  • Tension Lines provide a lifting effect to help improve and maintain body position.
  • Lines alleviate drag and resistance from fatigued legs.
  • Enhanced range of motion and flexibility in shoulder straps.
  • NFHS/NCAA compliant logos.
  • Open back design.


  • 52% Nylon / 47% Elastane / 1% Carbon Fiber.