Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Open Back

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The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Open Back is Arena's FINA approved racing suit that combines carbon fibers and intelligent compression to help you compete at your best. To deliver a breakthrough solution to the compression challenge, Arena has incorporated carbon fiber into the weave of the POWERSKIN Carbon Pro fabric.


  • Open back design.
  • Short leg.
  • FINA approved.
  • Intelligent muscle compression:
    • This protective grid regulates stretching and stiffens when the fabric reaches a critical stress level.
    • Increases support and control where needed.
  • Power return construction:
    • Strategic placement of internal tapes and low profile bonded seams ensure maximum power out of dives and turns.
    • Unprecedented fit and free, easy feeling against the skin.
    • Internal tapes on the legs aid 'spring back' action following each kick and turn.
    • Tapes also assist in stretching prior to your race.
    • Internal tapes placed at key areas provide maximum power out of dives and turns.
  • Optimum fit and freedom of movement remain at all times.
  • Minimum surface drag.
  • Ultimate drag reduction.
  • Water repellent coating.
  • Low profile bonded seams.
  • Mechanical resistance and durability:
    Integrated carbon threads ensure a stronger, more powerful fabric.
    Reduced chance of tear when putting it on.
  • Carbon fibers help neutralize electrostatic discharge on muscles.
  • POWERSKIN Carbon Pro endures stretch while remaining comfortable against the skin.
  • Maximum compression for support and control.
  • Improved surface integrity:
    • High-performance woven fabric reinforced with carbon fiber delivers the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio for combined speed and power.
    • Preservation of the integrity of the suit's surface in turn maximizes drag reduction and optimizes water repellency.
  • Outer shell: 52% Nylon / 47% Elastane / 1% Carbon.
  • Inner lining: 65% Nylon / 34% Elastane / 1% Carbon.