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  •  Adidas Swimwear

    The Lifeguard Store doesn’t just sell swimwear for lifeguards, although we do specialize in carrying the tools and equipment lifeguards require to perform their jobs to a satisfactory level. We also carry swimwear for the average swimmer as well as competitive swimmers. Our Adidas swimwear for men and women is among our most popular choices when it comes to finding bathing suits that offer quick-dry material, a secure fit and are comfortable to wear for multiple hours at a time. Our selection of Adidas swimwear for women ranges from barely there to full coverage to ensure that we’ve got something for everyone, no matter what your personal style and preferences are. Our selection of Adidas swimwear for men also includes options with more and less coverage to best suit your personal preferences.

    Adidas Swimwear for Women

    We carry eight different traditional one-piece swimsuits for women. In addition to those eight more traditionally styled suits, we also have four full-coverage swimsuits for women. The difference in the design of these two styles highlights the difference in usage normally associated with these swimsuits. For example, the traditional swimsuits are more commonly seen at pools, beaches and water parks, while the full-coverage swimsuits are generally better suited for competitive swimmers as they streamline the body and reduce underwater drag. That being said, there is no right or wrong way to wear any Adidas swimwear for women, and you may find you enjoy the full-coverage option even when you're not swimming competitively, or don’t mind the lack of coverage during competitive events.

    Adidas Swimwear for Men

    When it comes to swimwear for men, we carry both knee-length jammers and short briefs. The jammers offer a bit more coverage for modesty much like a pair of swimming trunks would, while keeping tight to your body to help reduce underwater drag. This is especially important for professional and competitive swimmers. If you prefer a tighter fit for your swimwear, we definitely suggest looking into a pair of Adidas jammers. The briefs provide less coverage, leaving you more exposed but certainly providing the best opportunity for tanning, while also reducing the amount of underwater drag you may experience. For those men who are looking for less coverage and more comfort, Adidas swimwear for men briefs may be exactly what you’re looking for.

    Everyday & Competitive Swimwear

    Our swimwear selection comes in a variety of sizes, styles and color options for your convenience. We understand how important your choice in swimwear is, whether you are a professional swimmer, competitive swimmer or simply swim for recreation or exercise. That’s why we’ve hand selected these Adidas swimwear options just for you. Use our left hand navigation bar to narrow your search by color, pattern, material, style or even price to find your ideal swimsuit for any occasion.

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    Whether you are looking for Adidas swimwear for women or men, look no further than the swim shop at The Lifeguard Store for the best selection of quality products at affordable prices. Order today and start taking advantage of all of the benefits Adidas brand swimwear has to offer you immediately.




  • Dolfin Swimwear

    Just because we’re called The Lifeguard Store, that doesn’t mean all of our products are specific to lifeguards only. Many of the same companies and brands that specialize in lifeguard swimwear also have a line of non-guard swimwear for the casual and competitive swimmers of the world. Dolfin is no different. The Dolfin swimwear colorful designs are some of the most popular bathing suits we sell due to their unique color and design options as well as their wide variety of cuts and fits. Whether you’re looking for swimwear for men or women, you can find your next suit right here at a price you’re going to love.

    Dolfin Swimwear for Women

    All the Dolfin swimwear for women are one-piece suits designed for functionality with a fashionable flare. These suits vary in color and pattern options, so no matter what your personal style is, you are covered. They even have matching men’s options, so you and your guy can match when you head out to the pool, beach or water park. Each of these swim suits is made with quick-dry materials in a variety of polyester blends to match your own specific preferences or needs. They are even fully lined to afford you the comfort, support and protection you need. If you are a professional swimmer who requires a full-coverage suit to reduce underwater drag and improve your race times, or even a casual swimmer who simply prefers more coverage, the Dolfin AquaShape Scoop Back is the perfect choice for you. A few of the patterned suits come in a variety of color options, as do all of the solid color suits. When you buy Dolfin swimwear for women, you never have to compromise flash for function.

    Don’t forget about the Dolfin female solid cover up short, available in seven different solid colors to match whichever bathing suit you like best.

    Dolfin Swimwear for Men

    When it comes to Dolfin swimwear for men, this brand really puts all the focus on performance enhancement with a vibrant twist. Their brief cut racer swim suits for men provide the minimal amount of coverage for the maximum amount of maneuverability and agility. These suits are available in a variety of colors and patterns. While all of the solid color racers are available in multiple color options, a few of the pattern racers also offer these choices. If you are interested in a bathing suit with a bit more coverage that doesn’t increase your underwater drag during competitive events, Dolfin jammers are for you. These knee-length swim suits for men are skin-tight to provide a comfortable fit and high-quality performance.

    Order Today

    Whether you swim competitively, for exercise or just for fun, check out these quick-dry bathing suits by Dolfin. With so many different pattern and color choices, we are certain you will find at least one that fits your personal style and swimming needs, and at prices this low, you can afford to order a few if you can’t decide. Take advantage of the performance-enhancing qualities of Dolfin swimwear when you order your suit today through The Lifeguard Store, and save yourself some money while you’re at it.


  •  Nike Swimwear

    We may be called The Lifeguard Store, but our stock goes above and beyond lifeguard gear, equipment and swim suits to include swimwear for any occasion. Our Nike swimwear for women and men includes some of our most popular options when it comes to both competition and casual swimming. With their quick-dry materials, comfortable fit and secure form, it’s easy to find just the right bathing suit for your needs. Take a look at everything the Nike swim shop at The Lifeguard Store has in store for you. You can find it all here, whether you need a suit for casual swimming, working out or competing. We even carry Nike swimwear for men and women.

    Nike Swimwear for Women

    Nike offers five different one-piece bathing suits for women. Each of these suits has a unique design and style that provides different benefits to the wearer. The Nike solid fast back tank has wide straps, a high neckline and a streamlined shape that offers less underwater drag to improve competition times. The Nike poly core solid fast back tank provides moderate coverage with a flirty cutout design on the back, has a lightweight fit and is ideal for training purposes. If you’re looking for a one-piece suit ideal for both practice and race day, or any long sessions in chlorinated water, look no further than the Nike poly core solid lingerie tank, and for a more unrestricted fit and minimal coverage, try out the Nike polyester solid cut-out tank. On those days when you’re more interested in how you look in your swim suit than how your suit will help you perform, the Nike blaze lingerie tank with its unique and vibrant all-over print will give you the bold style you desire.  

    Nike Swimwear for Men

    When you want a performance-enhancing bathing suit that hugs your body tightly to reduce underwater drag while maintaining a comfortable and supportive fit, you want Nike swimwear for men. Depending on your own personal preferences, you may choose either a pair of knee-length jammers, which offer more coverage without sacrificing performance, or a pair of high-cut briefs, which offer less coverage and more freedom of motion. The Nike poly core solids jammer, made of 100% polyester, will provide you with a snug and comfortable fit ideal for training and races. If you are looking for something a bit more professional grade, we would suggest the Nike NG-1 men’s jammer, which is made with strategically patterned compression panels to provide the ultimate in support and stability during your competitions. For those who like a little more freedom of motion, Nike also offers their swim poly core solids brief, made of 100% polyester with quick-dry capabilities and a draw cord for a secure and comfortable fit during every training session, competition or period of free swim.

    Order Today

    Performance, style and excellence. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the Nike brand. Affordable, professional and quick. These are the adjectives our customers here at The Lifeguard Store use to describe our service. Why, then, would you look any further than the bathing suits made by Nike and sold by The Lifeguard Store when looking for your next suit? Take a look at the impressive selection and take advantage of all the benefits these two companies have to offer by ordering today. 

  • The brand MAO has been changed to Rise.  Over the next several months, there is a chance you might receive mixed labels.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to work through our MAO inventory quickly.

  • Speedo Swimwear

    When you think of Speedo, your mind may immediately form an image of this brand’s men’s brief bathing suit, but there is far more to this performance swim suit line than this iconic style. Speedo has swimwear for both men and women that is designed to effectively cut through the water to reduce underwater drag, increase racing times and provide a comfortable fit all while maintaining a stylistic quality you will be proud to sport. Whether you are a competitive swimmer or use swimming as an exercise or stress reducer, this swimwear company has a plethora of options to fit any personal preferences.

    Speedo Swimwear for Women

    Most Speedo swim suits for women that can be found and purchased here at The Lifeguard Store are moderate coverage one-piece bathing suits. These come in a variety of colors, styles and even material options to best suit your specific needs as well as personal preferences. With over 25 different bathing suit cuts to choose from in multiple different colors or patterns, Speedo swimwear for women offers more options than most swimwear brands. Whether you are looking for a nylon blend, a polyester blend or a 100% full polyester bathing suit, you’ll find it in abundance under the Speedo brand. That means that even when you’re being picky about the materials your suit is made from, you can still afford to be picky about style, too. In addition to these moderate coverage swim suit choices, we also carry the Speedo PowerPlus Kneeskin, which is a full-coverage swim suit designed specifically with competitive swimming in mind.

    Speedo Swimwear for Men

    The iconic Speedo brief cut swim suits are one of the most popular swimwear options sold by Speedo. These offer minimum coverage for maximum agility, maneuverability and freedom within the water. They are available for order in both solid and patterned designs, all featuring the Speedo logo. These briefs are also available in many different material options, all of which offer quick-drying capabilities. If you are looking for a bit more coverage without risking your speed, jammers might be more your style. These knee-length, skin-tight Speedo swimwear for men offer reduced underwater drag and greater flexibility than more relaxed and free-flowing male swim suits. Of course, there is also the training — or square leg — options if you’re looking for something between the minimal coverage of the brief and the maximum coverage of the jammer. These bathing suits are specifically made with a bit more material to be baggy so they intentionally create drag and resistance while training. Between the brief cuts, the jammers and training Speedo bathing suits, you are sure to find something that works with your personal style and needs.

    Order Today

    Here at The Lifeguard Store, our selection will blow you away. Whether you prefer solid or patterned speedo swimwear, we’ve got you covered. Many of these bathing suits even come with the option to choose between a few different color choices. And if you can’t decide on just one, our pricing model allows you to get a few without breaking the bank. Order your solid or patterned Speedo swimwear today and turn heads the next time you head out to the beach, water park or pool. 







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Showing 193 - 240 of 512 items


Competition Swimwear

The Lifeguard Store carries a broad range of competitive swimwear for men and women from the most respected brands in the business. You’ll find dozens of competition bathing suits that will help you glide through the water with less friction, and that means you’ll swim faster times. Explore our selection of swimming competition bathing suits, and find out why The Lifeguard Store is the online source for all things swim.

Professional Swimwear at The Lifeguard Store

The Lifeguard Store carries technical swimsuits from:

  • Speedo. Speedo has set the standard for high-quality competition swimwear for decades. Browse the selection of technical suits for men and women at The Lifeguard Store. We carry several styles and colors, including kneeskins, jammers, tanks and briefs.
  • TYR. Swimmers love TYR, and The Lifeguard Store is delighted to sell dozens of options for men and women. From kneeskins and jammers for racing to training bathing suits, you’ll love the selection of TYR swimwear at The Lifeguard Store.
  • Arena. Check out the technical suits available from Arena at The Lifeguard Store. We carry over a dozen options in several colors and styles.
  • A3 Performance, Nike, Dolfin, Finis and Blueseventy. Explore your technical swimwear options from these popular brands! When it comes to swimwear for competition and practice, The Lifeguard Store has all the styles and makes you want most — plus the caps, goggles and apparel you want for success in and out of the pool.

Ask Us About a Team Store

If you need competitive swimwear for a team and you haven’t yet ordered custom apparel, let The Lifeguard Store help! We’ll supply your team with a free website and sales representative who can help you design custom spirit wear and uniforms for your swimmers. We can also supply team gear, such as backpacks, plus all the equipment and supplies your team needs to succeed. Your team members can order online with 24/7 convenience and get apparel and accessories customized with your team logo — that no one else will have!

Customers Love The Lifeguard Store

At The Lifeguard Store, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We make customer service our top priority! When you shop with us, you’ll get:

  • Free shipping on every order over $75, plus low flat-rate shipping of $7.50 on everything else. Order before 3pm CST during weekdays, and in most cases, we can ship your order out on the same day!
  • A low-price guarantee on everything we sell. Find your goods at a lower price within 10 days and we’ll refund the difference.
  • A hassle-free buying experience. Exchange and get a replacement with free shipping, or return and get a full refund. Just send your goods back within 60 days in new, unused condition.
  • Personalized service. We love our customers, so don’t hesitate to call us, chat us or send us an email.

Make The Lifeguard Store Your Source for Competition Swimwear Today

Isn’t it time you discovered the one-stop online shop for bathing suits for swim competitions, plus so much more?

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