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  • Adidas Guard

    When it comes to getting — and keeping — your lifeguards covered and ready for duty whether they are stationed at a beach, a water park or a pool, The Lifeguard Store has all the Adidas lifeguard swim suits you need. These suits each feature the guard logo so guests can tell the person wearing them is an employee and certified lifeguard simply by looking at them.

    Adidas Lifeguard Swimming Trunks

    The Adidas Men’s guard icon volley shorts are among the most popular options when it comes to Adidas lifeguard swimming trunks, which is why they are the primary choice of The Lifeguard Store. These trunks are made of 100% polyester material and should be washed by hand to maintain the integrity of the suit. This suit offers quick-dry materials and a drawstring waistband for the tightest and most secure fit. They are bright red and feature the guard logo in a contrasting white, which makes each lifeguard easily identifiable while on duty. The three iconic Adidas stripes can also be found on each side of these lifeguarding trunks.

    Adidas Lifeguard Bathing Suits for Women

    The Lifeguard Store offers two different Adidas lifeguard bathing suits for women to choose from: the Adidas women’s guard scoop two-piece or the Adidas guard vortex back Infinitex one-piece.

    The two-piece suit provides a sleek design that is both supportive and comfortable. This suit has been designed with training purposes in mind, rather than full-time guard duty. It has thin straps that cross in the back to provide optimal comfort as well as enhanced support. There are no back buckles or hooks to clasp on this suit, which actually provides a more secure fit. The suit is made of 100% polyester, providing quick-dry technology to the wearer. This suit is red and the top features the guard logo in a contrasting white, while the bottoms feature the Adidas logo for easy lifeguard identification.

    The Adidas guard vortex back Infinitex one-piece bathing suit provides a comfortable and secure feel. The thin, comfortable straps that meet in the center of your back — the vortex style — make this one of the most supportive lifeguard suits on the market, while the cutout back offers a popular sleek design. This suit comes in your choice of red or blue with a white guard logo printed on the chest to ensure easy identification of your lifeguards while on duty.

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    It doesn’t matter if your lifeguards are in charge of overseeing a resort, hotel or community pool, a shoreline beach or even a water park. It is your responsibility to equip them with the best of the best so they can perform their job duties to the best of their abilities. When it comes to bathing suits, that means providing them with one of Adidas’s most popular lifeguard bathing suits. Whether they are on the clock or in training, these suits provide exactly what they need to get the job done correctly and effectively. Order your Adidas lifeguard swim suits today so your lifeguards can start enjoying all the comfort, style, support and security they have to offer immediately. 

  •  Dolfin Guard

    The Lifeguard Store got its name because we are the leading online retailer for lifeguard gear, equipment and bathing suits. Dolfin lifeguard swim suits are among the many different brands we offer all year round. Our goal is to help you keep your guards stocked with everything they need while they’re on the job to perform to the best of their abilities and keep your guests safe. Whether they’re stationed at a resort, hotel or community pool, a water park or on a beach we have all of the Dolfin lifeguard bathing suits your guards need to keep them unified and official. Their identity as an employee and certified lifeguard is shown by the guard logo present on each of these suits.

    Dolfin Lifeguard Swim Suits For Women

    The Dolfin lifeguard bathing suits line for women offers both one-piece and two-piece options. This allows your lifeguards to protect your waters in the suit that makes them most comfortable. Each suit is available in four color choices including red, black, royal blue and navy blue. There are three one-piece suits to choose from, each made with different materials and featuring unique stylistic designs to best suit the needs of your company and guards. They are all fully lined and made from quick-dry material to maintain the highest level of quality and comfort. The guard logo is also featured on the chest of each option in a contrasting white for easy identification.

    There are also two two-piece bathing suit choices, the first of which is available in red, navy blue and black. The second option also features a royal blue choice. While both suits are made from quick-dry materials and are fully lined for the most comfortable fit, they are made from different polyester blends with unique styles to best match your personal preferences. As with the one-piece suits, these are also labeled with the official white “guard” logo on the chest. Dolfin also offers a supportive tankini top for lifeguards who appreciate the maneuverability and freedom of a two-piece but the coverage of a one piece. 

    Dolfin Lifeguard Swimming Trunks For Men

    There are two styles of Dolfin lifeguard swimming trunks for men to choose from. The first is a relaxed fit male board short that is made of 100% polyester with a drawstring waistband for a tighter, more secure fit and a nine-inch inseam. It features the official “guard” logo in white on the bottom of the left leg. The second choice is a fitted male board short that is also made of 100% polyester, featuring a drawstring waistband and a nine-inch inseam. Each of these suits is available in red, black, navy blue or royal blue and is designed to maintain color vibrancy, even when worn for long hours in the sun.

    Dolfin Lifeguard Apparel

    Lifeguards spend most of their day outside of the water, which is why Dolfin also makes lifeguard apparel appropriate for sitting on the guard tower and watching over the swimmers. These clothing options are made of quick-dry material so that if your guards have to rush into the water in this apparel for a water rescue, they don’t have to worry about wasting time and stripping down to their suit first. Dolfin guard water shorts are perfect for both male and female guards, while the Dolfin female guard cover up short is specifically designed for the female body.

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    Take advantage of all the great deals The Lifeguard Store has to offer and keep your lifeguards equipped with everything they need. Collect sizes and order your staff their Dolfin lifeguard bathing suits today. With so many options and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find something for everyone. 


  • Nike Guard

    The Lifeguard Store stocks everything you need to keep your lifeguards fully stocked with life-saving gear and equipment. We even have Nike lifeguard bathing suits that ensure your staff looks as official as possible while they’re on duty, whether they are guarding a water park, a beach or a resort, hotel or community pool. Our selection of Nike lifeguard swim suits guarantees you’ll find just the right look to outfit your lifeguards. We even have shorts and tee shirts to keep your guards covered up and protected from the sun when they aren’t in the water. On each piece of Nike lifeguard apparel, you’ll find the official “guard” logo for easy identification.

    Nike Lifeguard Bathing Suits for Women

    Whether you need a one-piece or a two-piece lifeguard bathing suit, Nike and The Lifeguard Store have you covered. With four one-piece and two two-piece suits to choose from, you’re sure to find something in the style you desire. Each of the women’s lifeguard bathing suits offered by Nike is made from a nylon and spandex blend that offers the optimal amount of comfort and support without sacrificing functionality. An official white “guard” logo is printed on the chest of each of these suits so your lifeguards are easily identifiable, which in turn makes their job easier. Since blue and red are the most common colors for lifeguard swim suits, Nike has made sure that all six of their female options contain these two colors in some form or fashion.

    Nike Lifeguard Swimming Trunks for Men

    Nike offers two swimming trunk options for male lifeguards, both of which are made with 100% polyester for quick-drying capabilities. They are both knee-length, feature an elastic waistband for a secure fit and have the official “guard” logos on both the back of the waist as well as down the left leg. These Nike lifeguard swimming trunks come in either blue or red to best match the rest of your staff. Whether your lifeguards are watching over a pool, a water park or the beach, they will be easily spotted and identified in either of these official, comfortable and supportive volley swim shorts for men.

    Nike Lifeguard Apparel

    Not only does Nike make lifeguard swim suits, but they also make lifeguard apparel for your guards to wear when they’re out of the water. These items will keep your staff covered and protected from the harmful rays of the sun during their shift. Since these suits are also made of quick-dry material, your guards don’t have to worry about stripping them off in the middle of an emergency before they jump into rescue mode. Instead they can wear their Nike lifeguard apparel right into the water if necessary without having to worry about spending the rest of their shift in wet clothes. Additional apparel items include female guard shorts in red or navy and a Nike guard t-shirt for men or women.

    Order Today

    Whether you need to outfit yourself or an entire lifeguarding staff, turn to Nike guard products here at The Lifeguard Store to get the job done right the first time. Don’t delay! Order today and take advantage of Nike’s quality products sold at our fair prices.


  • The brand MAO has been changed to Rise.  Over the next several months, there is a chance you might receive mixed labels.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to work through our MAO inventory quickly.

  • The brand MAO has been changed to Rise.  Over the next several months, there is a chance you might receive mixed labels.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to work through our MAO inventory quickly.

  • Speedo Guard

    Picking out gear, equipment and bathing suits for your lifeguards can be intimidating, but here at The Lifeguard Store, we try to make it as simple as possible for you. Our wide selection of Speedo lifeguard swim suits ranges from one- or two-piece choices for your female guards to volley or board shorts for the male guards. Speedo even has tank tops, tee shirts and rash guards available for purchase to complete the look whether on or off duty. Each piece of Speedo lifeguard apparel sold by The Lifeguard Store features the official “guard” logo to keep your staff looking professional and official no matter which Speedo lifeguard bathing suits, shorts or tops you choose.

    Speedo Lifeguard Bathing Suits for Women

    Speedo offers both one-piece and two-piece lifeguard swim suits for women to provide optimal comfort for each guard depending on their own personal preference. These suits are made either from a nylon blend or a polyester blend depending on the one you choose, but all are fully lined for comfort and protection. Each Speedo lifeguard swim suit also comes with either the official “guard” logo or the full “lifeguard” logo printed on the chest to ensure professionalism and enhance identification of these lifeguards wherever they are stationed. Whether you are looking to work on your tan while you watch over water sports in a two-piece or want to commit to a more full-coverage look with a one piece or tankini, Speedo has what you need when it comes to lifeguard bathing suits for women.

    Speedo Lifeguard Swimming Trunks for Men

    Whether you are looking for legitimate board shorts or simply a pair of volley shorts for your male lifeguards, look no further than these Speedo lifeguard swimming trunks. We here at The Lifeguard Store carry three different options when it comes to Speedo swimming shorts for men. Two of these options are actual swimming trunks, or board shorts, and the last option is volley shorts. All of these choices feature the official “guard” logo along the leg and are made of 100% polyester, quick-dry materials. The biggest difference is the board shorts offer a drawstring waist for a more secure fit, while the volley shorts are primarily held up with an elastic waistband. All three of these Speedo lifeguard swimming trunks do offer tightly knit fabric, which equates to more and better protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

    Speedo Lifeguard Apparel

    In addition to lifeguard bathing suits for men and women, we also carry Speedo lifeguard swim shirts, tee shirts, tank tops and female guard shorts. These options allow you to remain fully clothed during your shift while remaining in official uniform so you are easily identified. Being fully clothed during your shift allows you to be better protected from the sun when you are out of the water. Each piece of Speedo lifeguard apparel features the official “guard” logo for quick and easy recognition.  

    Order Today

    Order Speedo lifeguard bathing suits for your entire staff so they present a uniformed and united front while they are protecting your waters. These suits will not only keep them comfortable and well protected, but they also provide a secure fit during in-water rescues and allow guards to be easily identified by swimmers. A 12 percent discount on orders containing 12 items or more is available for many Speedo lifeguard swim suit options, so be sure to order in bulk today and save.



  • YMCA

    The Lifeguard Store has everything you need to get your lifeguards ready for duty. From YMCA lifeguard bathing suits for men and women to life-saving gear and everything in between, we’ve got what you need to meet and surpass the call of duty. Make safety your number one priority by making sure your team is fully stocked with up-to-date equipment and YMCA lifeguard apparel.

    Swimsuits for Men and Women

    All of your lifeguards should be fully equipped with appropriate YMCA lifeguard swim suits that feature the logo of the YMCA and make it unmistakably clear to both members and guests that these individuals are lifeguards at your site. With nine different women’s suits and seven different men’s swim trunks, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your staff.

    Apparel for Men and Women

    When it comes to YMCA lifeguard apparel, the lifeguard store has you covered from top to bottom. Our female staff and manager flex shorts, cotton guard shorts or board shorts can be worn overtop of any women’s swimsuits to keep your staff covered when they are outside of the pool area. We’ve got quick-dry long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards for both men and women to keep them protected during long outdoor shifts in the sun and a guard parka for cool weather guarding to prevent wind and water penetration.

    Check out our non swim apparel options too, and deck your lifeguards out with YMCA lifeguard hoodies, tee shirts, cotton tank tops and polo shirts so that no matter where they are, they can show off their YMCA pride.

    Rescue Tubes

    Rescue tubes are one of the most important pieces of YMCA lifeguard gear. These floatation devices assist your lifeguards during in-water rescues by holding the majority of the weight of the person they are rescuing so your lifeguards can focus their energy and attention on getting the rescued person safely back to dry land. Make sure to invest in a YMCA guard rescue tube sleeve for each rescue tube as well to keep them protected from the elements.

    Hip Packs, Equipment Bags & Lanyards

    Choose from one of two YMCA hip packs or a larger YMCA guard mesh equipment bag to supply your guards with easy access to their most basic necessities. These bags will ensure they are able to keep these items on them, or nearby, at all times during their shift. This means they can keep guarding essentials like breathing masks, first aid kits and gloves, as well as personal items such as sunscreen and lip balm, available and at the ready, no matter what. Don’t forget about their custom name tag breakaway lanyards for safety and security. Whether you use their name tags as a part of their clocking in procedure or simply as a way for members and guests to identity them, you’ll want to make sure they break away from the neck area easily for safety during in-water rescues.

    Order Today

    Check out our wide selection of YMCA lifeguard gear and stock up on the necessities today so your lifeguards never have to worry about not having exactly what they need for a successful day on the job. Many of our items include bulk ordering discounts, so stock up today and save money while you’re saving lives. 


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Showing 1 - 48 of 168 items

A Huge Selection of Competitive Swimming and Lifeguard Gear and More

Swimwear and accessories for lifeguards and competitors. Equipment for the pool, the deck, the beach and the locker room. Custom apparel for swim teams and so much more. When it comes to selection and customer satisfaction, The Lifeguard Store is the online swimwear store and more. Explore our competitive swimming supply store, and you’ll find everything your team needs, plus lifeguard equipment, exercise gear and rescue and first aid tools. Explore our huge selection today!

Lifeguard Apparel and Gear

Whether you guard beach or poolside, you can count on The Lifeguard Store to carry everything you need. The Lifeguard Store has a huge selection of styles from your favorite brands, including Adidas, Dolfin, Nike, RISE Aquatics, Speedo, TYR and YMCA. Find power back tanks and two-piece swimsuits, board shorts, trunks and briefs, hoodies, tanks and grab bags in multiple colors. Replace the sunglasses and hat you lost last summer, or make sure your facility is stocked with the chairs and safety equipment you need. Don’t forget to check back frequently, because we add new items all the time.

Facility Gear

You already know your facility is only as good as your equipment. The Lifeguard Store makes it easy to find everything your facility needs to keep meets and recreation time operating smoothly and safely. We carry flags and start devices, starting blocks, diving boards, slides, training equipment and water toys. Order AED units, emergency phones, rescue boards and ring buoys. You’ll also find equipment for your locker room, from baby changing stations and suit dryers to shower curtains and storage. Need deck furniture and water games? No problem. The Lifeguard Store is your total swimming equipment and supply store.

The Swim Shop

When competition is the name of the game, make The Lifeguard Store your online source. You’ll find a huge selection of competitive swimwear for men and women from the best names in the business, including A3, Arena, Blueseventy and many more. Our selection of swim gear includes awards, kick boards, goggles and products for ear, nose, hair and skin care. You can even find snorkels, masks and towels! Quite simply, when it comes to swimming, no place can beat the selection of The Lifeguard Store.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great way to stay in shape, and The Lifeguard Store is your top source for floats, swimming aids, resistance bands, gym equipment and swimwear designed specifically for aquatic fitness. Make your swimmers stronger in the pool with the right tools from The Lifeguard Store.

Custom Sites for Swim Teams and Clubs

Want to order custom gear for your team? The Lifeguard Store is your swim team equipment store! Just sign up online, and we’ll assign a team specialist who will help you choose the items that meet your needs. Create custom designs on swimwear and spirit wear, then let members place orders on your website — 24/7! 

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At The Lifeguard Store, your satisfaction is our top priority. With free shipping on orders over $75, plus a 10-day price guarantee and no hassle returns, it’s no wonder leading organizations choose The Lifeguard Store for all their pool and beach needs.

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