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Nike Swimwear

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Showing 1 - 25 of 25 items

 Nike Swimwear

We may be called The Lifeguard Store, but our stock goes above and beyond lifeguard gear, equipment and swim suits to include swimwear for any occasion. Our Nike swimwear for women and men includes some of our most popular options when it comes to both competition and casual swimming. With their quick-dry materials, comfortable fit and secure form, it’s easy to find just the right bathing suit for your needs. Take a look at everything the Nike swim shop at The Lifeguard Store has in store for you. You can find it all here, whether you need a suit for casual swimming, working out or competing. We even carry Nike swimwear for men and women.

Nike Swimwear for Women

Nike offers five different one-piece bathing suits for women. Each of these suits has a unique design and style that provides different benefits to the wearer. The Nike solid fast back tank has wide straps, a high neckline and a streamlined shape that offers less underwater drag to improve competition times. The Nike poly core solid fast back tank provides moderate coverage with a flirty cutout design on the back, has a lightweight fit and is ideal for training purposes. If you’re looking for a one-piece suit ideal for both practice and race day, or any long sessions in chlorinated water, look no further than the Nike poly core solid lingerie tank, and for a more unrestricted fit and minimal coverage, try out the Nike polyester solid cut-out tank. On those days when you’re more interested in how you look in your swim suit than how your suit will help you perform, the Nike blaze lingerie tank with its unique and vibrant all-over print will give you the bold style you desire.  

Nike Swimwear for Men

When you want a performance-enhancing bathing suit that hugs your body tightly to reduce underwater drag while maintaining a comfortable and supportive fit, you want Nike swimwear for men. Depending on your own personal preferences, you may choose either a pair of knee-length jammers, which offer more coverage without sacrificing performance, or a pair of high-cut briefs, which offer less coverage and more freedom of motion. The Nike poly core solids jammer, made of 100% polyester, will provide you with a snug and comfortable fit ideal for training and races. If you are looking for something a bit more professional grade, we would suggest the Nike NG-1 men’s jammer, which is made with strategically patterned compression panels to provide the ultimate in support and stability during your competitions. For those who like a little more freedom of motion, Nike also offers their swim poly core solids brief, made of 100% polyester with quick-dry capabilities and a draw cord for a secure and comfortable fit during every training session, competition or period of free swim.

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Performance, style and excellence. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the Nike brand. Affordable, professional and quick. These are the adjectives our customers here at The Lifeguard Store use to describe our service. Why, then, would you look any further than the bathing suits made by Nike and sold by The Lifeguard Store when looking for your next suit? Take a look at the impressive selection and take advantage of all the benefits these two companies have to offer by ordering today.