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The Lifeguard Store has everything you need to get your lifeguards ready for duty. From YMCA lifeguard bathing suits for men and women to life-saving gear and everything in between, we’ve got what you need to meet and surpass the call of duty. Make safety your number one priority by making sure your team is fully stocked with up-to-date equipment and YMCA lifeguard apparel.

Swimsuits for Men and Women

All of your lifeguards should be fully equipped with appropriate YMCA lifeguard swim suits that feature the logo of the YMCA and make it unmistakably clear to both members and guests that these individuals are lifeguards at your site. With nine different women’s suits and seven different men’s swim trunks, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your staff.

Apparel for Men and Women

When it comes to YMCA lifeguard apparel, the lifeguard store has you covered from top to bottom. Our female staff and manager flex shorts, cotton guard shorts or board shorts can be worn overtop of any women’s swimsuits to keep your staff covered when they are outside of the pool area. We’ve got quick-dry long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards for both men and women to keep them protected during long outdoor shifts in the sun and a guard parka for cool weather guarding to prevent wind and water penetration.

Check out our non swim apparel options too, and deck your lifeguards out with YMCA lifeguard hoodies, tee shirts, cotton tank tops and polo shirts so that no matter where they are, they can show off their YMCA pride.

Rescue Tubes

Rescue tubes are one of the most important pieces of YMCA lifeguard gear. These floatation devices assist your lifeguards during in-water rescues by holding the majority of the weight of the person they are rescuing so your lifeguards can focus their energy and attention on getting the rescued person safely back to dry land. Make sure to invest in a YMCA guard rescue tube sleeve for each rescue tube as well to keep them protected from the elements.

Hip Packs, Equipment Bags & Lanyards

Choose from one of two YMCA hip packs or a larger YMCA guard mesh equipment bag to supply your guards with easy access to their most basic necessities. These bags will ensure they are able to keep these items on them, or nearby, at all times during their shift. This means they can keep guarding essentials like breathing masks, first aid kits and gloves, as well as personal items such as sunscreen and lip balm, available and at the ready, no matter what. Don’t forget about their custom name tag breakaway lanyards for safety and security. Whether you use their name tags as a part of their clocking in procedure or simply as a way for members and guests to identity them, you’ll want to make sure they break away from the neck area easily for safety during in-water rescues.

Order Today

Check out our wide selection of YMCA lifeguard gear and stock up on the necessities today so your lifeguards never have to worry about not having exactly what they need for a successful day on the job. Many of our items include bulk ordering discounts, so stock up today and save money while you’re saving lives.