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 Dolfin Guard

The Lifeguard Store got its name because we are the leading online retailer for lifeguard gear, equipment and bathing suits. Dolfin lifeguard swim suits are among the many different brands we offer all year round. Our goal is to help you keep your guards stocked with everything they need while they’re on the job to perform to the best of their abilities and keep your guests safe. Whether they’re stationed at a resort, hotel or community pool, a water park or on a beach we have all of the Dolfin lifeguard bathing suits your guards need to keep them unified and official. Their identity as an employee and certified lifeguard is shown by the guard logo present on each of these suits.

Dolfin Lifeguard Swim Suits For Women

The Dolfin lifeguard bathing suits line for women offers both one-piece and two-piece options. This allows your lifeguards to protect your waters in the suit that makes them most comfortable. Each suit is available in four color choices including red, black, royal blue and navy blue. There are three one-piece suits to choose from, each made with different materials and featuring unique stylistic designs to best suit the needs of your company and guards. They are all fully lined and made from quick-dry material to maintain the highest level of quality and comfort. The guard logo is also featured on the chest of each option in a contrasting white for easy identification.

There are also two two-piece bathing suit choices, the first of which is available in red, navy blue and black. The second option also features a royal blue choice. While both suits are made from quick-dry materials and are fully lined for the most comfortable fit, they are made from different polyester blends with unique styles to best match your personal preferences. As with the one-piece suits, these are also labeled with the official white “guard” logo on the chest. Dolfin also offers a supportive tankini top for lifeguards who appreciate the maneuverability and freedom of a two-piece but the coverage of a one piece. 

Dolfin Lifeguard Swimming Trunks For Men

There are two styles of Dolfin lifeguard swimming trunks for men to choose from. The first is a relaxed fit male board short that is made of 100% polyester with a drawstring waistband for a tighter, more secure fit and a nine-inch inseam. It features the official “guard” logo in white on the bottom of the left leg. The second choice is a fitted male board short that is also made of 100% polyester, featuring a drawstring waistband and a nine-inch inseam. Each of these suits is available in red, black, navy blue or royal blue and is designed to maintain color vibrancy, even when worn for long hours in the sun.

Dolfin Lifeguard Apparel

Lifeguards spend most of their day outside of the water, which is why Dolfin also makes lifeguard apparel appropriate for sitting on the guard tower and watching over the swimmers. These clothing options are made of quick-dry material so that if your guards have to rush into the water in this apparel for a water rescue, they don’t have to worry about wasting time and stripping down to their suit first. Dolfin guard water shorts are perfect for both male and female guards, while the Dolfin female guard cover up short is specifically designed for the female body.

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