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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

Speedo Guard

Picking out gear, equipment and bathing suits for your lifeguards can be intimidating, but here at The Lifeguard Store, we try to make it as simple as possible for you. Our wide selection of Speedo lifeguard swim suits ranges from one- or two-piece choices for your female guards to volley or board shorts for the male guards. Speedo even has tank tops, tee shirts and rash guards available for purchase to complete the look whether on or off duty. Each piece of Speedo lifeguard apparel sold by The Lifeguard Store features the official “guard” logo to keep your staff looking professional and official no matter which Speedo lifeguard bathing suits, shorts or tops you choose.

Speedo Lifeguard Bathing Suits for Women

Speedo offers both one-piece and two-piece lifeguard swim suits for women to provide optimal comfort for each guard depending on their own personal preference. These suits are made either from a nylon blend or a polyester blend depending on the one you choose, but all are fully lined for comfort and protection. Each Speedo lifeguard swim suit also comes with either the official “guard” logo or the full “lifeguard” logo printed on the chest to ensure professionalism and enhance identification of these lifeguards wherever they are stationed. Whether you are looking to work on your tan while you watch over water sports in a two-piece or want to commit to a more full-coverage look with a one piece or tankini, Speedo has what you need when it comes to lifeguard bathing suits for women.

Speedo Lifeguard Swimming Trunks for Men

Whether you are looking for legitimate board shorts or simply a pair of volley shorts for your male lifeguards, look no further than these Speedo lifeguard swimming trunks. We here at The Lifeguard Store carry three different options when it comes to Speedo swimming shorts for men. Two of these options are actual swimming trunks, or board shorts, and the last option is volley shorts. All of these choices feature the official “guard” logo along the leg and are made of 100% polyester, quick-dry materials. The biggest difference is the board shorts offer a drawstring waist for a more secure fit, while the volley shorts are primarily held up with an elastic waistband. All three of these Speedo lifeguard swimming trunks do offer tightly knit fabric, which equates to more and better protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Speedo Lifeguard Apparel

In addition to lifeguard bathing suits for men and women, we also carry Speedo lifeguard swim shirts, tee shirts, tank tops and female guard shorts. These options allow you to remain fully clothed during your shift while remaining in official uniform so you are easily identified. Being fully clothed during your shift allows you to be better protected from the sun when you are out of the water. Each piece of Speedo lifeguard apparel features the official “guard” logo for quick and easy recognition.  

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Order Speedo lifeguard bathing suits for your entire staff so they present a uniformed and united front while they are protecting your waters. These suits will not only keep them comfortable and well protected, but they also provide a secure fit during in-water rescues and allow guards to be easily identified by swimmers. A 12 percent discount on orders containing 12 items or more is available for many Speedo lifeguard swim suit options, so be sure to order in bulk today and save.